Eparchy of St. Maron 
Brooklyn, NY

Traditional Church For Modern Faithful



In order to baptize your child you must be a registered and active member of St. John Maron Church. Arrangements for the reception of the Mysteries of Baptism and Chrismation (Confirmation) must be made 4 weeks in advance. Children should be baptized within 40 days after birth. Godparents must be practicing Catholics and must present a letter of recommendation from their pastor if they do not belong to St. John Maron Church. Mysteries are usually administered on Sundays, after the 12:15 PM Divine Liturgy.


Preparation for the Mystery of First Reconciliation is a one-year program; and for First Holy Communion is a two-year program at St. John Maron beginning with the Second and the Third Grades respectively. The Mysteries are administered upon completion of a Special Educational Program, which covers both the Catholic Doctrine and the Maronite devotions and tradition. The program runs from September until May and Mysteries are received in a special celebration at the end of the school year.

In cases of conversion or change into the Maronite Church, older children and adults need to be prepared for full reception into the Church. They will be received into the church after completion of a special Initiation Program and upon their reception of the Mysteries of Initiation, i.e., Baptism, Chrismation and the Holy Eucharist. However, converts from some Protestant denominations need not be baptized again. Please call the parish office for further details.


It is spiritually gratifying to assist our parishioners and their families as they prepare for this joyous celebration. Nothing else can be more thrilling than becoming the queen and king of your own kingdom, i.e., your newly founded family. Candidates for the Mystery of Crowning are urged to meet with the pastor before setting a wedding date. Marriage arrangements must be made at least six months in advance for prospective brides and bridegrooms who have never been married before. A Baptismal Certificate dated no older than six (6) months before the ceremony must be provided only for the party who was not baptized at St. John Maron Church. Marriage preparation consists of two different programs: (a) Engaged Encounter or Pre-Cana conferences; and (b) Special Couple Program with the pastor. If either party had been married before and plan to contract marriage in church, an annulment decree must be provided. Please consult with the pastor before making any wedding plans. If you need further assistance regarding the process of obtaining an annulment we will be happy to assist you. Please call the parish office for detailed information.


Our Communal Celebration of the Anointing of the Sick takes place twice a year. One is during the Season of Announcements (October-December), and the other is during the Season of Great Lent(more specifically on Wednesday of Holy Week, during the “Rite of the Lamp”). This celebration consists of a Liturgy in which prayers reflect the theme of healing. The Liturgy is followed by prayer service and the administering of the Mystery of the Anointing of all those who wish to be anointed. We are encouraged to celebrate this Mystery of healing anytime we deem it necessary. This Mystery of Anointing of the Sick is not to be looked upon as a negative procedure or only as the last resort. On the contrary, this Mystery is the panacea of all physical and spiritual ills. The Holy Ointment is to remedy the wounded soul, to restore depleted health and to strengthen a weakened body. It is spiritually more beneficial if the sick person be conscious and can participate in the ceremony of this crucial Mystery. Please call the parish office to inquire about the dates of this Communal Celebration.